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26 July 2006
I recently took part in Mag Swap which was organised by Cotton Strudel.

I swapped with the wonderful Patricia who lives in Brazil.

She sent me a postcard from her city and a couple of Brazilian knitting magazines for babies... (click for larger images)

Magazines & postcard

I've already found some items I'd like to knit...

Like to knit #1 & 2

These cute shoes and the orange jumper. The jumper appears to be knitted by knitting from the bottom of one sleeve, across the front (and back) to the bottom of the other sleeve (so the cables run horizontally) and attaching this to the bottom (front and back) of the jumper which has a cabled section too (these cables run vertically). All in all, an intriguing pattern that I think would be fun to knit.

Like to knit #3

I also like this jumper. The light pink is stocking (stockinette) stitch and the dark pink is garter stitch. I think it would be quick to knit, with the colour/stitch contrast adding interest.

Like to knit #4 & 5

I love this hat and socks/booties. I know I don't usually knit lace, but I could make an exception in this case as I'm sure they make a wonderful gift.

Thanks Patricia for the magazines. I thoroughly enjoyed swapping with you and I'm looking forward to knitting the items I've talked about. Now to work on the translations ;-)

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Another pair finished!

21 July 2006

Yay! Another pair of socks finished. It's really hard to photograph the red correctly. This is the best I can do and it's a fairly accurate colour representation.

Yarn Details.

Pattern Details.

These socks aren't for me.

I really love the pattern, but I've discovered Second Pair of Socks Syndrome is even worse than Second Sock Syndrome (SSS)! So, I'll definitely knit more of these in the future, but I'm going to knit some other patterns first (and now I know it's not a great idea to knit 2 pairs of the same pattern in a row LOL).

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Patons & patterns x 2

16 July 2006
Firstly... hot off the Patons' press! Patons book #1255.

Socks in Jet!!! (middle image).

Also Inca (right) and Zhivago (left).

Jet is my favourite. It's a gorgeous 12ply wool & alpaca blend and I love the "mixed" colours. Hence I already had some balls handy (couldn't resist but wasn't sure what to do with them). Think I'll be making myself a pair (they've joined the ever-growing queue of socks I'd like to make for me LOL).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also, there was a discussion on Moth Heaven's blog about the lack of charted argyle sock patterns. Patons C46 features a charted argyle sock pattern for ladies and men using sock yarn (4ply/fingering weight)...

... so, check it out if you're looking for an argyle sock pattern.

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Dancing on the ceiling

11 July 2006
That's what I'm doing today.

Any guesses why?

I'll show you...

*WARNING: big pictures ahead* (Click for larger views)

Aren't the socks gorgeous? The colours are divine and I love the glitz too. They fit beautifully and they're SO toasty warm, which is perfect for this time of year (it's the middle of winter here). The yarn's a DK weight (8ply) from Cherry Tree Hill and the colour is River Run.

I haven't seen any CTH yarn before (I have admired pictures) so I'm thrilled to have some CTH socks. (I can see that resisting the lure of buying CTH will soon become impossible LOL.)

Here's what they look like on...

The pattern is a limedragon orginal. It's a rib with (I think) some baby cables in the leg part, which almost look like a braid/plait. I just love the pooling which makes each sock a little different (too cool!)

but that's not all...

a fun card and a cute llama fingerpuppet...


some striping Regia (which will go very nicely with my brown shoes) and some Opal Rainforest Chameleon (which might not go so nicely with my brown shoes, but it will go beautifully with my Crocs, which I wear more often than not.)

but wait, there's STILL MORE!!!
(I know, I know, I've been spoilt rotten!)

MMMMMMMMMMMMM candy! American candy, stuff you can't get here :D

All of these wonderful goodies are from limedragon. She's my SYAC Spring Feet Sock Swap Pal. She knitted them toe up, so aside from how beautiful and comfortable they are, I'm totally fascinated with the actual anatomy and construction of the socks. I'm really going to have to get my A into G and attempt toeups!

Thank you limedragon for ALL of my goodies (you might manage to scrape me off the ceiling sometime next week LOL). A special thanks for the time and effort that went into knitting a pair of socks for me. It's much appreciated :o)

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New Knitty

06 July 2006
The new issue of KNITTY is up! Whilst it's a "summer" issue, there are lots of winter-type things which are suitable for those (like me) who live south of the equator, where it's winter.

From the current issue, I'd like to knit...

Fetching ~ fingerless gloves
Widdershins ~ socks
Tulip Toes ~ baby socks (as soon as I find a little girl to knit them for LOL)

Which pattern/s are you planning to knit?

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04 July 2006

Here's my most recent Finished Object.

It's the hat for the almost-8-month-old boy who loves to pull hats off as soon as you put them on his head! Being as it's winter here, he needed one that would stay on. I gave it to him yesterday; it fits and he wasn't able to pull it off LOL.


Yarn: Patons Patonyle 4ply sock yarn (80% wool, 20% nylon) Col #4312. Lot #743218
Needles: 3.00mm Clover Bamboo DPNs
Pattern: I didn't really use one. I used this as a basis, but I used smaller needles and changed the brim as I wanted it to sit flat and not roll. The earflaps I made up based on measuring his ears.

Comments: Even though I measured, I'm still not totally happy with the earflaps. They probably could have been wider and the ear section a little longer. However, he does have small ears and the flaps do cover his ears, so I guess I'm just a perfectionist at heart LOL. I really like the i-cord. This is the first one I've done and I can see I'll be doing more.

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Catch up

01 July 2006
I've been busy knitting when I've had the chance.

~ been working on the SIP
~ been knitting a hat for an 8 month old. The main part of the hat is done, I just need to try it on him so I can see where to put the earflaps (so he can't pull it off his head LOL)
~ finished a pink 8ply cotton dishcloth

Hopefully I'll finish the hat this weekend and get a pic posted, when it's done.

I've posted off my MagSwap magazine to my swap partner and hopefully it'll arrive quickly! (*fingies crossed*)

Also, I signed up for the SamplerM KAL. It looks great and I'm really looking forward to it starting tomorrow.

Have a good weekend all!

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