Another pair finished!

21 July 2006

Yay! Another pair of socks finished. It's really hard to photograph the red correctly. This is the best I can do and it's a fairly accurate colour representation.

Yarn Details.

Pattern Details.

These socks aren't for me.

I really love the pattern, but I've discovered Second Pair of Socks Syndrome is even worse than Second Sock Syndrome (SSS)! So, I'll definitely knit more of these in the future, but I'm going to knit some other patterns first (and now I know it's not a great idea to knit 2 pairs of the same pattern in a row LOL).

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  • As beautiful as the blue one! I can't imagine how you do it! It looks soooooo hard...

    By Blogger Patricia, on 21 July, 2006  
  • Second anything sucks horribly. I did to sweaters in a row, a few years back (as a gift for a couple) and nearly lost my mind on the second one.

    Bravo, that you actually got them done.

    By Blogger Julie, on 21 July, 2006  
  • You may think it didn't photograph well but I think I really, really, really like those red socks...LOL

    Nice job! Everyone seems to be turning out socks but me! I need to get a move on.

    By Blogger Rebecca, on 22 July, 2006  
  • They look great! I have yet to make the same pattern conseuctively. Thanks for the links to the Aussie Patons site... there's some fun stuff there we don't have on this continent. : )

    By Blogger limedragon :-: Harriet, on 23 July, 2006  
  • Gorgeous socks - those colours are pretty lush.
    Do you machine or hand-wash socks made from Marta's Yarns? (I ask because I'm half-way through the second sock of a pair using 2 strands of Marta's 2 ply myself and the ball band said hand-wash, but the lady in the store said machine wash).

    By Blogger Paisley, on 24 July, 2006  
  • Thanks Patricia! I think if you're patient and willing to read a pattern, socks aren't too difficult to do. You do need patience for the first pair though.

    Yikes Julie. I can't imagine knitting one sweater (for an adult) let alone two the same!

    Thanks Rebecca. I think the photo's ok, it's just that it was hard to get the true colours into the photo. Get knitting ;-)

    You're very welcome Harriet. Let me know if you'd like to do a swap :-)

    Thanks Paisley. I handwash my pair. I don't want to run the risk of them felting. I think it depends on her supplier, because I know her 8ply is machine washable.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 26 July, 2006  
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