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05 June 2006
Sunday (yesterday) like so many other Melbourne knitters I went to the "Mini craft & yarn expo" at Coburg Town Hall. It wasn't quite what I was expecting (the "mini" should have tipped me off) but there were 12 - 15 stalls, including a bookstall.

I did meet Sarah who had a stall filled with her gorgeous Collinette yarns. They very nearly tempted me and made me wish I was a lace/shawl/garment knitter. Sadly, I'm not. I greatly admire these items, I just don't have the desire to knit them and know that if I did start one, I'd never finish!

I did purchase some wool and yarn, and as soon as it's sunny enough, I'll grab some pictures and blog about them. I tried photos with the flash, but they look dreadful lol.

Anyway, after getting back from Coburg I decided some mindless knitting was in order. A rummage in the stash revealed a ball of cotton (really not sure how it got there or how long it's been there). Recalling all the dishcloths that people have been making lately, I decided to make a washcloth/face washer/exfoliater square from the cotton (bottom item in picture).

Thinking that looked a little boring, I found a pattern for a dishcloth and knit the top one, with the remainder of the ball.

The cotton is Anchor Magicline No.1. Colour #1430 and dye lot #66951. 50g/~70m. I used 4.5mm needles as recommended on the band, so it's a little thicker than 8ply.

Not sure if I'll be making more or not... I'll see how these "wear".

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  • hello, i must agree with the 'expo' experience. I would be happier going to just wool baa alone :) Anyway, i love that dishcloth with borders, a great way to use up odd balls.

    By Blogger shanwen, on 05 June, 2006  
  • i love the colours. very nice! x

    By Blogger vera, on 06 June, 2006  
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