02 May 2006

Well, here's what one of my socks looks like. When I took this, last Friday, both socks had had their heels turned and gusset stitches picked up and this one had the gusset and about 30 rows knitted. Then I popped it onto the circular needle to try out the fit and... *sigh* the dutch heel doesn't suit my foot at all.

It's not the pattern, as that was easy to follow and I was very impressed with the way it turned out, it just doesn't work for my feet. I did contemplate knitting on, but I love the colours and the fit of the leg that I know I'm going to want to wear these regularly and that the ill-fitting heels will drive me insane... so both of these socks need to be frogged and have new heels knitted.

So right now, they're just sitting and waiting. I'm not sure what heel I want to knit instead. I'm expecting a sock book in the mail, hopefully this week, so I'm waiting for that to arrive and then I'll make a decision about which heel to go with.

I do need to get these finished so that I can start on my socks for my SYAC Spring Sock Swap Pal!

On the upside, I'm impressed with this photo as it's the most accurate representation of the colours I've managed to capture.

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  • Phew, just as well you tried it one before it was finished. Don't ask how I know this is a good thing - sigh.

    By Blogger fitknit, on 03 May, 2006  
  • You poor thing! If you know what works for you, stick to it. It's such gorgeous yarn, you want to be able to wear it.

    By Blogger Marg B, on 03 May, 2006  
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