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20 April 2006

Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.

The one on the left has about 6 rows of stocking stitch knitted and the one on the right is where the pattern suggests the leg should end. I'm thinking about making them longer, and I'll make a decision when the second one gets to the same length.

I think the pattern is just right for this wool. The rib adds a little interest and the stocking stitch really shows off the colours.

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  • I like the way those colors are knitting up...maybe i'll use my free day on those???

    By Blogger Crazy About Sox, on 21 April, 2006  
  • The colour is really gorgeous. Are you keeping these for yourself?

    By Blogger Marg B, on 21 April, 2006  
  • Well if you can't hold out and you HAVE to buy something on your free day, I can highly recommend this yarn.

    I'm loving the colours too. I'll bring them to the next meet so you can see them and feel how soft they are.

    Oh, yeah, I'm DEFINITELY keeping them for myself :D

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 22 April, 2006  
  • Hi from Austria! I absolutely love these socks, the pattern is amazing just as the color you chose for it - looking forward to see them all finished and modeled!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, on 22 April, 2006  
  • Wow, great socks! I would love to knit socks but they look so hard! Any advice on an easy pattern to start with??

    By Anonymous Amanda, on 25 April, 2006  
  • Thanks Dipsy and Amanda!

    Amanda, my first pattern was out of a Patons book, but has some great resources, and I can highly recommend checking out

    I'm more than happy to answer questions, if you have any when you look at patterns etc :-)

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 27 April, 2006  
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