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30 March 2006

Here's my latest sock yarn acquisition. Some gorgeous hand-dyed 100% Aussie Merino 2ply wool from Marta's Yarns. I love the colours and it's wonderfully soft. I plan to knit using 2 strands at once and Angie (@ Marta's) was kind enough to wind it doubled for me, so all I have to do is start knitting!

Naturally I can't start using that wool until I have free needles. Currently the needles are occupied with the current socks (the earthy coloured ones) which aren't progressing terribly quickly. That's partly a combination of not as much knitting time this week as the past week and partly because I keep having to frog one or other of the heels. One sock has the heel and gusset done and the other is at the end of the heel flap. Hopefully it's all correct now and I hope no further frogging will be required!

You may also notice I've done a little blog decorating. I've added a couple of buttons in the right sidebar (more about the SYAC on April 1st) and I've added an "In My Library" section. This will show 3 random selections from the knitting-related books I have in my library.

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