11 March 2006
It's been a busy few days, so not much progress on sock #2 (red & blue one). So far I've knitted the cuff and two additional "bands" of the blocks. Lots more to go.

I did go to a Stitches & Craft Show, which (except for the craft bookstall) was a complete waste of time. Firstly, there were very few yarn/wool stalls there, but there were heaps of quilting and beading stalls. The stock in the yarn stalls was pretty much what I could find at any of several yarn/wool shops in Melbourne. I guess I was looking for yarn that's more of a "boutique" nature, ie. hand dyed or hand painted. O well, as I mentioned the day was saved by the bookstall where I made three purchases.

Also, some of the ladies in my snb group have recommended a couple of other shows/festivals which will have more of the "boutique" yarn I'm looking for. I'd better start saving my pennies!

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