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25 March 2006

Here's a pic of my current WIP. Surprise, surprise it's socks! LOL

In this picture, the bottom one is ready for the heel and is 21.5cm (8.5 inches) long from the cuff. The second one, which is shorter in this pic, is now the same length as the first.

Although it's a little hard to see, it's actually a K3, P1, K1, P1 rib.

So currently I'm trying to decide what heel I want to go with. I'm kind of leaning towards a short row heel. I've never attempted it, but I really like the look of it. So I'm reading up and I think I'll have a go. If it doesn't work, then I'll frog back and try a different heel.

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  • You are a wise woman to knit the socks in tandem. No second sock syndrome for you:)

    I like the earthy colors. Have fun with the heels. Email me if you need help.

    By Blogger Abigail 1870 pearl, on 26 March, 2006  
  • Thanks Abigail. This is the first time I've tried two at once, and I like it. Strangely it seems faster than knitting one at a time LOL.

    Thanks for the offer of assistance. I think I'm going to need to take you up on the offer, as these heels are giving me fits... so much so that I'm doing a different heel for this pair, and I'm going to try short row heels again in the next pair (they were really holey this time, not helped by the fact I forgot to count which row I was on! LOL).

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 28 March, 2006  
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