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17 May 2006
Hi all

Still alive and still knitting. In fact, you could say I'm madly knitting! I had a panic attack yesterday when I realised that I need to post the socks for the SYAC Spring Feet Sock Swap on JUNE 1. That means I have less than TWO WEEKS to knit the socks, which will leave me a day or two to wash (and thoroughly dry) them before posting. Thank goodness I'd decided on the yarn and the pattern!

So I've put aside my current socks (they had their heelflaps frogged too but now they have new heelflaps, heels and one has nearly a full gusset) and yesterday I cast on for my SFSS pal's socks. After I'd knitted a few rows of rib I decided I hated the results! Frogged that and changed to needles .25mm smaller which are just right.

Now, as this is my first sock swap, I'm not sure of "protocol". Maybe some of you more experienced sock swappers could offer some advice... do I share progress photos on my blog or do I just give a secretive written progress report?

Happy knitting all!

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  • hello, i am from melbourne too. Good luck on your socks, focus on the pleasure of knitting socks rather than the DEADLine ! :)

    By Blogger shanwen, on 25 May, 2006  
  • Have you finished your socks yet? Haven't seen you posting in a while! Let us see your progress!

    By Blogger Rebecca, on 27 May, 2006  
  • Hi Shanwen! Great to meet another Melbournian! I am having fun knitting these socks and I am conscious of the deadline (luckily I'm going to make it too!)

    Hi Rebecca! Still going, but nearly done. Am about to blog an update.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 29 May, 2006  
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