FO ~ Socks #2/2008

30 March 2008

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Patonyle by Patons (on Ravelry) in colourway #4306 (multi-blues)

Needles: 2.5mm & 2.25mm DPNs

Comments: Patonyle, how I love thee! It's beautifully soft and it washes and wears brilliantly. Some of the colourways left a lot to be desired, but I LOVE this one. Sadly (very sadly) Patonyle is discontinued now (much to the chagrin of many Aussie sock knitters!).

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  • Maybe you can't find it in retail shops, but the Wangaratta mill shop still had plenty of it on display on Friday afternoon: not sure how many colourways (2 or 3?) as well as the undyed stuff.

    I'm pretty sure they do mail order ;)

    By Anonymous Catherine, on 30 March, 2008  
  • The socks look great & the color is my favorite. I have never knitted with this yarn before as have not seen them in the shops. What a pity that it has been discontinued.

    By Blogger Ann, on 31 March, 2008  
  • Beautiful!!! You are a very talented knitter...enjoy your blog! Socks are something I always have with me to work on. They are so easy to put in a ziploc baggie and take with me and knit on them when ever I can!

    By Blogger ~Lynn~, on 02 April, 2008  
  • Beautiful socks! Enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I love to make of those projects you can but in a ziploc bag and take with you and pull out and work on just about anywhere.

    By Blogger ~Lynn~, on 02 April, 2008  
  • Thanks for the lovely comments all :o)

    Never fear, I do have a few extra balls of Patonyle stashed ;o)

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 05 April, 2008  
  • Those are lovely! I need to make more socks.

    And, you get about a million points for the use of the word "chagrin."


    By Anonymous Mrs. Thallium, on 11 April, 2008  
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