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02 February 2007
Project Spectrum 2.0
Project Spectrum 2 is off and running. The February/March colours are BLUE, WHITE and GREY.

My current SIP fits under the 'blue' category...

The yarn was a Christmas pressie. It's Pink Cottage yarn, exclusive to Fringe.

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I had a query yesterday about Yarn Aboard and what it was. Essentially, boxes are travelling around from knitter to knitter and when a box arrives at your place, it contains sock yarn and goodies for you. You take all those items out of the box and keep them. Then you place new items in the box and send it off to the next person. When you signed up you filled out a questionnaire your person knows what to send to you and you know what to send to the next person. It's a little like a secret swap, because you don't know who's sending to you and you don't know when the box will arrive. For more details see here.

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  • pretty blue socks! and sunshine...i see sunshine!!!! send some my way. please!!!!

    By Blogger clothesknit, on 03 February, 2007  
  • Love the colorway! And, hmph!, I notice they are not knit toe up! What horrible hostesses we are :-)

    I still plan on giving the Toe Ups a try...just haven't had time.

    By Blogger Rebecca, on 03 February, 2007  
  • Gorgeous socks! I live fairly close to Fringe and was wondering about the Pink Cottage yarn I saw there.

    By Blogger LesleyKnits, on 25 May, 2007  
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