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08 January 2007
I took part in the recent "Hot Swap" on the "Townies" group. My partner was a lovely lady, Karen, who lives in the USA. Last week a HUGE box arrived for me.

It was immediately clear that Karen had put lots of work into finding just the right items to send, wrapping them and attaching little notes to each item. As a result it felt like she was in the room with me, or on the phone, whilst I was opening everything.

The box was filled with ALL of these gorgeous goodies...

This one had "open me first" written on it... so of course I did ;o)

STR! STR! STR! *picture me doing the happy dance* lol
Socks That Rock in the "Seal Rock" colourway. I've been lusting after STR for nearly a year and finally I've had the chance to see and feel it in person (you can't buy it here, unless you order from the USA). It's gorgeous and I love the colour combination!

Perchance To Knit sock yarn in the ultra-gorgeous "Seaweed" colourway. I love it more and more each time I look at it. It's so pretty and comes with a coordinated stitchmarker!

Some Burt's Bees hand salve which has a lovely, subtle lavender scent and it's working wonders on the 'rough' spots on my hands.

3 different sizes of snagless hair elastics which make wonderful stitch markers. The tiny ones are great for when you're making socks.

A Clover chibi! It comes with 3 needles and the small one is perfect for "kitchenering" toes on socks.

One of the super-cute mini sockblockers! (There was more happy dancing when this was revealed)

A Schaefer Yarn pattern "#206 Anne Honeycomb Socks". It uses slip stitches and I'm looking forward to knitting it.

The notepad is just the right size to pop in my knitting bag. The elastic closure's a great idea, as I'm forever bending the pages as I shove a notepad into a bag.

A mug for hot chocolate, 2 types of hot chocolate (I'm saving these until the weather cools down ~ it's summer here right now) and cinnamon sticks to stir.

A chocolate cooking magazine (man o man are there some gorgeous recipes in here!!!) some Christmas "sprinkles" and a packet of blueberry sour cream scones (yum!)

Some pumpkin pie caramels (I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they are.

The yummy chocolate wedges have already disappeared *grin* and I'm using the pretty tin to hold all my stitchmarkers.

Last, but not least, some chocolate and chocolate biscuits. I haven't yet sampled these. They look and smell delicious so I'm looking forward to them.

Thanks a million Karen!

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  • Oh my goodness, That was some package you got there. I didn't participate in that swap since I was already involved in two others. You hit the jack pot with your swap partner. What lovely goodies.

    By Blogger monica, on 09 January, 2007  
  • an amazing package!!! wow! enjoy it all :o)

    By Blogger a., on 09 January, 2007  
  • I'm wiping drool off my keyboard. Yummy package!!! I've always liked the Seal Rock colorway too... can't wait to see yours knit up. :)

    By Blogger limedragon :-: Harriet, on 09 January, 2007  
  • I got my first sight of Socks that Rock over Christmas as the recipient of a swap package (Sockret Pal) and it is lovely! I knit some very plain ribbed socks as the colours were so fantastic they are enough without patterning! Enjoy!

    By Blogger wendy, on 10 January, 2007  
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