03 January 2007
I need to start knitting some of the gorgeous sock yarn I have and I need some pattern ideas.

Here are the yarns...

1. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Lakeview

2. Mountain Colors Bearfoot ~ Wild Raspberry

3. Fleece Artist Merino ~ "Raspberry" (FA don't name their colours)

4. Pink Cottage Yarn (Exclusive Hand-Dyed yarn from Fringe)
[The colours are a little more subtle than in this pic. Lovely "Autumny/Fall" colours]

Contest: Suggest a pattern for one of the above yarns (there's no right or wrong answer, I'm just looking for ideas).

PRIZES: TWO WINNERS will be randomly selected.

First prize:
~ A Steve Parish 2007 "Koalas and Kangaroos" calendar (approx 17.5cm x 19cm)
~ CHOICE of 2 balls of Patonyle sock yarn OR 3 skeins of Cleckheaton Country Silk
(winner gets to choose which yarn they'd like and what colour)
~ TimTams

Second prize:
~ A Steve Parish 2007 "Discover Australia" calendar (approx 35.5cm x 24cm)
~ TimTams

Rules: Please make suggestions by posting them on my blog. ONE SUGGESTION PER POST (this will make it easier to randomly pick the winners). Have a question? Please ask it.

Closing Date: midnight (AEDST) Wednesday January 10th

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  • I think the Pink Cottage yarn might look good as "Falling Leaves" by Jessica Landers on
    I have some Autumny yarn that I'm planning to knit to this pattern.

    By Blogger wendy, on 03 January, 2007  
  • For the Lake View yarn I think this would look beautiful as a pair of Pomatomi (also Your yarn is very like the yarn the designer used

    By Blogger wendy, on 03 January, 2007  
  • How about a really simple ribbed sock to really show off the gorgeous colours of the Bearfoot?
    The colourway you have is really lovely by the way - it looks good enough to eat!
    I just knit the Lichen Rib sock from Nancy Bush Knitting Vintage Socks in Socks that Rock for that same reason - picture here

    By Blogger wendy, on 03 January, 2007  
  • The Lorna's Laces in the Pomotamus pattern in Knitty, although I love every one of those yarns.

    By Blogger Cindy, on 04 January, 2007  
  • The Monkey socks from the new Knitty would look lovely in the Fleece Artist.

    By Blogger Jenn, on 04 January, 2007  
  • My four suggestions are:

    1. Shepherd Sock - Mossy Cottage's Dublin Bay Socks
    2. Bearfoot - Grumperina's Jaywalkers
    3. Fleece Artist - my Arizona Lace Socks
    4. Pink Cottage - my Autumn Sunset Socks

    And each pattern is free.
    Happy Sock Knitting!

    By Blogger trek, on 04 January, 2007  
  • Does it have to be a sock pattern? Well, then maybe Elfine: for the lakeview yarn. But I would feel tempted to make a scarf or a shawl!...

    By Blogger tar, on 04 January, 2007  
  • How about the Aran Braid socks for the Mountain Colors Bearfoot

    By Blogger Susan, on 04 January, 2007  
  • Sorry the correct address should be:

    By Blogger Susan, on 04 January, 2007  
  • What gorgeous yarns,I am so jealous!!!!!
    1 pomatomi
    2 falling leaves
    3 jaywalkers
    a simple cable sock to show off the colours

    By Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru, on 04 January, 2007  
  • These are fabulous yarns, yum!

    I know you've already knit a pair of Gentleman's Fancy Socks from KVS, but if you liked knitting that, I think any of these colorways would work well with that pattern.

    Otherwise, here are a few suggestions.
    Wyvern Woman's Socks gives sizes S M and L, for the Fleece Artist.
    Tropicana Socks with the Bearfoot.
    Textured Triangle Socks" for the Pink Cottage.
    Twisted Socks with the Lorna's Laces.

    Have fun!! :)

    By Blogger limedragon :-: Harriet, on 04 January, 2007  
  • My fave pattern for Lorna's Laces right now is the Go With The Flow socks from Interweave Knits Summer 2005. I just knit them in "Cool" for a Christmas present. The pattern works great with the variegation and blends it so it doesn't look stripey or pooled.

    By Blogger Natalie, on 06 January, 2007  
  • Monkey socks!I am totally sold on the Monkey right now for any or all of them.

    By Blogger LaVerna, on 08 January, 2007  
  • Wow, some fabulous pattern suggestions! Thanks.

    There's about 48 hours left to enter.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 08 January, 2007  
  • hi;

    you have a wonderful selection of yarns to pick from. love all the colors.

    here are two suggestion: rainbow ripple

    and hanauma bay (my design ;o} - but i think it's cute!)

    have fun picking a pattern!

    By Blogger adrienne, on 09 January, 2007  
  • For the Raspberry sock yarn I would use the Lovemeknot illusion hearts sock pattern it is free;)
    Since Valentines Day is coming up and it is also me and my hubbies Anniversary.Darcy Watts Airforce Wife Exstroardinaire;)

    By Anonymous Darcy Watts, on 09 January, 2007  
  • Gorgous yarns!
    How about the good old Broadripple for stripy ones or Jeanie T's Maple Leaves for the fall colours? I also have some cute zigzaggy patterns in a magazine at home, could scan to show you.

    By Anonymous Tina, on 09 January, 2007  
  • Hi I dont know if the posting of the comment takes a while, and this will be number three in a row, if so, apologies, but I get the impression, the first postings did not get through, so here again:

    I would use Jeanie Townsends maple leaf pattern for the autumn coloured yarn, and the other ones I would match up with a contrasting yarn, and go wild on peerie patterns on the leg, and the heel and toes I would make in contrast colour, and the foot with either stripes or the hand painted yarn solely.

    Inspiration for peeries here:

    I really hope you will like peeries as much as I do.

    I could make all my handpaiteds into those patterns, they are so simple and great looking.


    By Anonymous nana, on 10 January, 2007  
  • I'm partial to the Pomotamus (sic?) in the Lorna's Laces. I've been eyeing the pattern myself for some time and I do love that colorway.

    By Blogger Cindy, on 10 January, 2007  
  • Thanks for ALL of the entries! I'm just about to draw the winners, so check back in a few minutes.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 11 January, 2007  
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