Finished Socks #16

25 November 2006

Finished Socks

Yarn: Opal Hundertwasser #1437
Needles: 2.5mm (legs) & 2.25mm (feet) bamboo DPNs
Pattern: my standard sock pattern

One was knitted from the centre of the ball and the other from the outside of the ball.

These are the longest pair of socks I've made for myself. I kept knitting the first one until I was sure I'd have the green/yellow section on the heel flap.

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  • the socks look very nice!

    By Anonymous jenneke, on 25 November, 2006  
  • Very nice - love the colors!

    By Blogger Jeanne, on 26 November, 2006  
  • Nice job! I've got a skein of that brand coming from the UK, just not sure on the colors! Enjoy them!

    By Blogger Zonda, on 26 November, 2006  
  • Great socks! You say this yarn is softer than the usual Opal? I might have to try some...

    By Blogger Lynne, on 26 November, 2006  
  • Yay, another pair done!
    Thanks HEAPS for your blog help, now I need a long sit-down to work on it (maybe a drink or two too)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on 28 November, 2006  
  • They look great. I think this yarn feels different too. Softer and maybe a tad thicker, although the ballband does not indicate that in any way.

    By Blogger monica, on 28 November, 2006  
  • Great socks! If I ever get around to knitting socks again (I'm on a sweater kick) I'm going to try knitting on two different size needles as you did.

    By Blogger Rebecca, on 29 November, 2006  
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