15 November 2006
Yay, it's pouring rain here! We need lots of rain (currently most of Australia is in a severe drought) and it's even better than it's raining whilst I'm inside lol.

What've I been up to? I'm on a podcast kick at the moment. Lime & Violet are a riot! It's a knitting podcast, but they regularly digress, plus they LOVELOVELOVE sock yarn so be prepared to drool if you go and look at the links/yarn they talk about (says she who also loves sock yarn, like you didn't know that about me LOL).

Cast-on is an old favourite and I've been catching up on the early episodes that I'd missed.

I've also discovered a new knitting podcast, Sticks & String by David Reidy. Who's David? He's an Aussie knitter, and I'm really enjoying listening to an Aussie talking about knitting.

Knittingwise, I'm knitting myself a pair of socks (socks, what a surprise) from a ball of the new Opal Huddertwasser. One leg's done and the other's about 2/3s done.

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  • Hey, it's raining here in Maine too! Though it's slowing down some now. Unlike you, we are awash. My DIL and granddaughters left Sydney today to visit their other grandma in New Zealand -- they were probably glad to escape the rain.

    By Blogger Linda in Maine, on 15 November, 2006  
  • Its been raining in New Jersey too - and I could really use a sunny day! I have been listening to Sticks and String as well and love it! He does a great job.

    By Blogger Jeanne, on 15 November, 2006  
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