Regia Socks

25 October 2006
Ok, here's your last chance to guess which Regia socks I'm knitting and to win the packet of TimTams.

Think "country" and if you go to Flickr and do a search you will find some baby socks knitted with this yarn.

If nobody has the right answer, in approximately 24 hours from now I will use a 'random number selector' and that will choose a winner from all those who have entered a guess.

So check back tomorrow for the winner and to see a picture of the socks.

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  • regia tibet do you know how many regia sock yarns there are? tons I have discovered

    By Blogger monica, on 26 October, 2006  
  • Darn - I was going to guess Regia Tibet, but the comment page wouldn't load and Monica got to it first.

    I'll guess Regia Zansibar - maybe Zanzibar used to be considered a country or something.

    By Blogger ikkinlala, on 26 October, 2006  
  • Yes, Regia Tibet is my guess too. Who knew there were so many Regia sock yarns? I've never used Tibet. Would love to go in a draw for the Timtams, i used to live in New Zealand and have some very fond Timtam memories.

    Linda in Maine

    By Blogger Linda in Maine, on 26 October, 2006  
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