Breast Cancer Awareness Month & contest

12 October 2006
Pink, pink, pink everywhere.

Look what you can get!

Pink TimTams! They're yummy too! ;o)

So do your bit this month, and buy specially marked pink items and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and breast cancer research.

Now, if you're not lucky enough to live in Australia, and you're just dying to try our famous TimTams, maybe you'd like to win a packet?

My Toe Up Socks and I are having a disagreement. As a result, they're currently in "time out" and I've cast on another pair of "top down" socks. I'm using a German sock yarn. So, the first person who can name the brand and the yarn "collection" my yarn comes from (ie the red socks I just completed are "Opal Rainforest") will win a packet of TimTams

I have a few ideas for hints, so if required, I'll start giving those after a couple of days. One guess per day please.

Good luck!

(Note: Prize is one packet of "pink" TimTams, or a flavour of your choice).

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  • My toe-ups and I have had a major fight and I'm not liking them too much. I really did not enjoy doing the heel the way Widdershins instructs. I don't like how it looks and I'm ready to rip, rip, rip. What-are-we-gonna-do? We are the hostesses! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    By Blogger Rebecca, on 13 October, 2006  
  • Eeek! Well it just proves that we're learning right along with all the other KAL knitters :o)

    Did you take any pics? I'm really interested to see what you didn't like about the heel (says she who hasn't made it to the heel yet).

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 13 October, 2006  
  • Regia Jacquard?

    Just a wild guess.

    I hope you manage to resolve your disagreement with the toe-up socks.

    By Blogger ikkinlala, on 14 October, 2006  
  • I too have a disagrement with my chosen toe-ups so will be casting on another pair tonight. I am glad I'm not alone but am still determined to finish at least one before socktober is over.

    By Blogger Bagpuss, on 14 October, 2006  
  • Opal Mosaic?

    By Blogger ikkinlala, on 15 October, 2006  
  • Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely plan to go back to the toe-up socks as I'm determined to learn how to knit them.

    Good luck with yours bagpuss!

    ikkinlala ~ sorry, no luck with your guesses, but I have posted a clue today.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 15 October, 2006  
  • I'm going to guess Austermann Step, because that's the yarn I am using right now. It's pretty nice!

    By Blogger Linda in Maine, on 16 October, 2006  
  • Fortissima Colori?

    I'm glad somebody else is guessing.

    By Blogger ikkinlala, on 16 October, 2006  
  • I'm guessing your new socks are knitted with Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch :)

    You have knitted some beautiful socks!

    By Anonymous Eva, on 16 October, 2006  
  • Thanks Eva!

    Sorry no luck with the guesses, but I'm about to post another clue.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 17 October, 2006  
  • Regia Ringel?

    By Blogger ikkinlala, on 18 October, 2006  
  • Regia Bamboo? I just got some anyway and it's really pretty.

    By Blogger moirae, on 21 October, 2006  
  • Hmm, how about Jacquard Jawool? It's the only German sock yarn I've knit with, so I figured I'd throw it in there. Cause I LOVE Tim-Tams! A friend gave me one a while ago and taught me the Tim-Tam Slam, and I'm so hooked. Oh my goodness.

    By Anonymous Adam, on 21 October, 2006  
  • Is it Regia Stretch?

    By Anonymous Tracey, on 23 October, 2006  
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