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09 December 2006
I'm thinking about knitting lace. I know, I know, who'd have thunk it? I think I'd have to find the right pattern first though.

I've been knitting away on a secret project (Christmas knitting makes for very bad blogging, that and being sick for the past two weeks *sigh*) and it has some yarn overs and knit-2-togethers. So, it got me to thinking... maybe knitting some lace might be kewl...

Anyone have any suggestions for super simple lace projects? I'm thinking something that's not too big and not too complex but still has some interest.


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  • My first lace shawl was the Forest Canopy Shawl, a lively shawl that uses sock weight yarn and is written esp. for beginner lacers. It can be purchased from and has good advice and tips on yarn choice and needles.
    Good Luck!

    By Blogger Bagpuss, on 10 December, 2006  
  • My first lace knit was a horseshoe lace scarf, which I knit in 5-ply. Very simple, easy to memorise, and enough interest to keep you going. I can email you the pattern if you want? I am currently revisiting it in lace-weight yarn...

    By Blogger k*girl, on 10 December, 2006  
  • Branching Out at is a good easy lace pattern. It's a scarf so not too big and it can be knit in a variety of different yarns

    By Blogger wendy, on 03 January, 2007  
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