Spring has sprung

01 September 2006
It's officially the first day of spring!

Not much time for knitting since I last blogged. The jumper is still coming along. The collar's done now, just just the button bands left to knit, then I've got to sew it all up (sewing up's definitely my least favourite part of knitting).

I have made a little progress on a secret project. I wonder if anyone can guess what I might be knitting? (No, it's not a pair of socks LOL) I'm using something from my box of goodies that my wonderful friend Jaymi sent me. (I'll give you a bit of a clue... she lives in the USA, so everything she sent is "new to me" as I can't walk into a store here and buy it.) I have pictures of my goodies, so next time I blog I'll post them.

Enjoy this magical (gorgeously sunny and warm 23c) spring day and happy knitting!

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