Saturday Sky

26 August 2006

Here's my Saturday Sky, taken about an hour ago. Sadly, since then it's dramatically clouded over and the temperature's dropped. *sigh* That's Melbourne for you!

Knittingwise, I ran into problems with the baby jumper so that was on hold for a few days. Thankfully I was able to get into the city yesterday to see Diana (I'm using a Cleckheaton pattern) who assured me it would work and that I'd done it right. So I just have about an inch left on the second sleeve then I need to sew the front and back together, knit the collar, knit the button "bits" on the front, sew it all up and add the buttons. I hope to have that done this weekend.

I've finished my Opal Chameleon socks. They're very comfy! Pics & details soon.

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  • Beautiful sky! I wish mine were like that, but its currently pouring rain with thunder and lightening.

    By Blogger Jeanne, on 26 August, 2006  
  • Thanks Jeanne! We could use the rain down here, as we've just gone on to water restrictions. We haven't had a good thunderstorm in ages, so hopefully one's not too far away.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 01 September, 2006  
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