Bendigo Woollen Mills

30 April 2007
"Bendi" finally have a website!

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  • Hi Oz, which Bendigo yarn do you use for your socks? Very happy to report I have a pair from the Opal now! Call me if you want a ride to the snb Albert Park meet on Sunday. Lana :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on 01 May, 2007  
  • Hiya Lana! Welcome home! I'm THRILLED to know you've finished a pair of socks. Well done!

    Bendi's 5ply is good for socks and they do have a 'sock yarn' (or at least they did, last time I was in Geelong) but it's not on their site that I can see, but then it's not been mentioned in their mailouts that I've received ether...

    Will call you.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 01 May, 2007  
  • Yes, isn't it great. Makes ordering so much easier for me.

    By Blogger Sue H, on 03 May, 2007  
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