28 April 2007
Here's my current Sock In Progress.

Red is hard to get an accurate photo of! I'm using Fleece Artist Merino ~ (FA don't name their colours) and this picture, taken when I received the wool, is a more accurate colour representation...

It's a red/pink mix. When I unwound the skein and wound it into a yarn cake, it looked more like pink with red accents, but (thankfully) it's knitting up as 'red'. (I know my SnB friends will agree, as they saw it first-hand)

The yarn is from Fringe

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  • Very pretty! I co last night with some FA for my Hurricane Socks Pal's sock. I have several skeins but have never actually knit with it before -- I'm weird, I know. Have you enjoyed working with it?

    By Blogger clothesknit, on 28 April, 2007  
  • Thanks. If you're weird, I'm weird too LOL... I've had 2 skeins for about 4 months now and I've only just now cast on with the first one.

    I'm really enjoying it, it's lovely and soft and I don't find it splitty. I'm SERIOUSLY eyeing off the darker red colourway, but I have to at least knit this pair first.

    By Blogger OzKnitter, on 30 April, 2007  
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