Scarf Exchange anyone?

24 February 2007
Just thought I'd pass along that signups are now open for International Scarf Exchange 4.
(Click the link for details)


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FO ~ Socks #3/2007

22 February 2007
Thanks to Melbourne's weather (hot and/or humid) there's not been much knitting of late chez OzKnitter.

However, these are finished...

Yarn: A Christmas pressie. It's Pink Cottage yarn, exclusive to Fringe.
Needles: 2.50mm and 2.25mm bamboo DPNs
Pattern: Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks
Thoughts: I loved this yarn! The subtle colour variations are a delight. When I first saw the yarn, it looked blue with occasional green and burgundy splotches. In actuality there are blues, greens, purples, pinks, burgundies and a little brown; simply gorgeous. Interestingly one sock is "bluer" and the other more "coloured", showcasing the reason why I, and many sock knitters, love handpainted yarn... no 2 socks are alike (even when knitted from the same skein).

These socks also 'work' for some of the KALs (Knit-A-Longs) I'm involved in...

~ these are definitely for me

Project Spectrum 2.0
~ they're blue

~ fit the theme "Life is like a box of chocolates…" I started out expecting blue with splotches but was surprised to find so many, and in some cases subtle, colour variations.

~ were finished in February

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Sunrise Surprise

19 February 2007
One morning last week I was awoken by a loud "whooshing" sound.

I jumped out of bed to find several hot air balloons floating around, with one passing right overhead...

Including the Grand Prix one!

It's shaped like a Formula 1 racing car, and it's promoting the upcoming Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is held in Melbourne each March at Albert Park (just a stone's throw away from the CBD [Central Business District])

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Further to the previous post...

09 February 2007
Suzann @ lostpurl has shared some photos here and here of some of the sock patterns in Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave. Thanks Suzann!

Other "upcoming" books include:
More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot)

The Best of Vogue Knitting Magazine: 25 Years of Articles, Techniques, and Expert Advice

If you've never tried knitting socks before, here's one for you:
Easy Knitted Socks: Fun and Fashionable Designs for the Novice Knitter by Jeanette Trotman

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04 February 2007
I've just been browsing the Interweave Press site and found:

Knitting Daily ~ if you sign up there's a great Priscilla Gibson-Roberts sock pattern that you'll be able to download (free)

Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave ~ sock patterns, some from past issues of Interweave Knits.

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Project Spectrum & SIP

02 February 2007
Project Spectrum 2.0
Project Spectrum 2 is off and running. The February/March colours are BLUE, WHITE and GREY.

My current SIP fits under the 'blue' category...

The yarn was a Christmas pressie. It's Pink Cottage yarn, exclusive to Fringe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had a query yesterday about Yarn Aboard and what it was. Essentially, boxes are travelling around from knitter to knitter and when a box arrives at your place, it contains sock yarn and goodies for you. You take all those items out of the box and keep them. Then you place new items in the box and send it off to the next person. When you signed up you filled out a questionnaire your person knows what to send to you and you know what to send to the next person. It's a little like a secret swap, because you don't know who's sending to you and you don't know when the box will arrive. For more details see here.

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Yarn Aboard!

01 February 2007
Look who arrived here yesterday!!!

Lewis & Clark, courtesy of Yarn Aboard, all the way from Anna in Rhode Island. After travelling primarily in the USA, with a couple of sojourns north of the border to Canada, Lewis & Clark made the long, long trek down under to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Their cargo included...

~ a skein of Socks That Rock ~ Rockin' Sock Club "Rare Gem" mediumweight
~ a purple skein of Greenwood Fiberworks Cotton Lycra Stretch
~ set of Knit Picks DPNs 2mm/US #0
~ Lightfoot's pine soap (native to Rhode Island!)
~ selection of lip balms handmade by Anna herself!

How lucky am I? I'm absolutely delighted with my goodies.

I was thrilled to find a skein of STR., and in such a gorgeous colourway (I could very easily get addicted to STR).

My first Knit Picks anything! (They don't ship internationally) The needles feel nice and light, yet sturdy and I'm looking forward to knitting with them (they went to SnB with me last night and I had to fight off Catherine who wanted to take them home with her LOL).

The Greenwood Fiberworks cotton lycra is a yarn I'd read plenty about (on Grumperina's blog), but again, never seen. It's very stretchy and soft and I'm going to enjoy knitting it, I'm sure.

Having never been to New England, or even the USA, it's lovely to smell the Lightfoot's soap, which Anna assures me smells just like a New England forest, and imagine I'm there.

Lastly the lip balms. They smell absolutely heavenly (and delicious). It was a hard to decide which one to use first LOL. They're a perfect gift as I'm always using lip balms, but I've never had any handmade especially for me. Such a treat.

Many thanks Anna for everything!

Lewis & Clark are taking a couple of days to recover from their jetlag and enjoy Australia, before once again setting sail in the early part of next week. Where are they headed next? You'll just have to wait and see ;o)

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