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29 June 2008
This is the cloth I knitted to send to my Cloth & Soap Swap pal.

Pattern: Peas and Carrots Scrubber Cloth (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Anchor Magicline Cotton

Needles: 4.5mm

Modifications: I didn't knit the peas and carrots to attach to the cloth and I added an i-cord loop.

Notes: This pattern works wonderfully with the stripes in this yarn. The bright colours were fun to knit.

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  • That is beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. Much too pretty to scrub vegetables.

    By Blogger Donna Lee, on 01 July, 2008  
  • I love this cotton & had used it before. Your colors are lovely - too nice to be use!

    By Blogger Ann, on 02 July, 2008  
  • I do like the way it stripes!! The colours are very nice, I agree, it's too nice to be scrubbing vegetables with!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, on 03 July, 2008  
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