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28 May 2008
Recently I've been asked to share some tips and tricks for sock knitting. So I thought I'd blog it too and keep adding to the post as I think of them.

Here are some things that I like to do or have found helpful (please keep in mind that each sock knitter is different, this is what works for me).

~ I like to knit cuff -> toe socks

~ I use 4mm needles to cast on. I knit the first round moderately loosely, and the second round at my regular tension

~ I like to use .25mm larger needles for legs, than for the foot (ie 2.5 & 2.25mm with 'fingering'/4ply yarn)

~ I use progressively smaller needles to reduce/eliminate having to decrease as you move down the leg

~ For toe -> cuff socks, I like this cast on, shown to me last year by Ms Yarnivorous

~ I like to use DPNs. My favourites are Clover Bamboo ones, 5"

~ I do use circular needles, occasionally, but only for trying on socks or as 'holders' if I need the needles for something else

~ I love to kitchener/graft toes. This is a fantastic video/tutorial.

~ I knit a pair of socks at the same time (using separate DPNs) ie, leg of one, leg of the other, heel of one, heel of the other etc

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  • Thanks for the tips!

    By Blogger Ann, on 29 May, 2008  
  • Cool, I'll have to come back here when I start knitting socks (some day).

    By Blogger smariek, on 30 May, 2008  
  • I'm cuff to toe on DPNs too!!! And I love to graft stitches, I grafted the soles of the booties I nade the other day!! I have to knit all of one sock and then all of another! I love to read about what other people do!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, on 04 June, 2008  
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