Dish Rag Tag

02 September 2007
I'm participating in Dish Rag Tag. This week I was "tagged" and on Wednesday the box arrived from Kate (I don't think that Kate has a blog... I couldn't find a link).

Here's the pretty dishcloth that Kate knitted (and crocheted) for me.

Thanks Kate!

I've been dying to try Lincraft's Bamboozle (70% bamboo/30% cotton) so that's what I used.

Pattern: Lacy Mock Cable Cloth

The box was back in the post on Thursday, so if it didn't arrive on Friday, it should tomorrow (Monday).

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  • Love your dishcloth - the colors are so lovely - I think I may have to drive to Lincraft today & take a look at the yarn!

    By Blogger Ann, on 03 September, 2007  
  • It did arrive (Monday) and I love the dishcloth you made, the yarn is so soft and gorgeous.

    The chocolates were a real treat even if I did have to share them with DH.

    I had a crazy day at work today so I didn't get to the PO, but the box will be back on it's way tomorrow.


    By Blogger Penni, on 04 September, 2007  
  • Those are gorgeous! Be sure to enter them in the "most complex stitch pattern" event. The Bamboozle looks delicious - I've never heard of it before!

    By Anonymous Emily, on 06 September, 2007  
  • Great looking dishcloths, both. Well done to you and Kate.

    By Blogger Sue H, on 07 September, 2007  
  • These are fantastic. I have never heard of a dish rag tag. Sounds fun.
    Please, is at at all possible to get the pattern of that wonderful light green dish rag Kate made. A little knit
    A little crochet-whats not to love.
    God Bless

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on 12 September, 2007  
  • I've been wondering about that Bamboozle too - so you liked it?

    I'm going to my first Woolbaa meet this weekend, if nothing gets in my way, so I will track you down to say hi!

    By Blogger kgirl, on 13 October, 2007  
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