Day 9 - TdF07

17 July 2007
Well... stage 8 of this year's Tour de France turned out to be a nightmare for Aussies. We started the day with 5 Australian riders in the race, and ended the day with only two. Poor Stuart O'Grady and Michael Rogers crashed and Robbie McEwen was "too slow". *sigh* Since all three suffered injuries in crashes, all I can say is "Get Well Soon" guys. I enjoyed watching you ride and I look forward to seeing you all in next year's race.

Here's "Take Two" on the sock. It actually fits now LOL. Will start on the other one ASAP. I just realised the coverage has already started for tonight, so I'm off to watch.

Thanks for the comments, I'm planning on writing up the "Canterbury Dash" info and I'll also let you know about the toe pattern.

Go Cadel!

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