Sockapalooza ~ Socks #11/2007

13 August 2007
My Sockapalooza pal Holly has received her socks!

*Be sure to check out Holly's pictures as they show the lace pattern better than my photo does*

I started out knitting Wyvern socks, but realised the 'scales' weren't showing too clearly with the colour of the yarn... so I flipped through some books for ideas, and came across "Padded Footlets" in Favorite Socks. A bit of tweaking and designing later, and voila... my first pair of toe-up socks (finally OzKnitter's knitted toe-up socks, I hear some of you exclaim)!

The yarn is Elizabeth 100% Superwash Merino from Live2Knit in the "Smoke" colourway. It's lovely and soft, a dream to knit with (it 'takes' frogging well too).

They fit and Holly loves them, so I'm delighted.

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