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29 June 2008
This is the cloth I knitted to send to my Cloth & Soap Swap pal.

Pattern: Peas and Carrots Scrubber Cloth (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Anchor Magicline Cotton

Needles: 4.5mm

Modifications: I didn't knit the peas and carrots to attach to the cloth and I added an i-cord loop.

Notes: This pattern works wonderfully with the stripes in this yarn. The bright colours were fun to knit.

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Cloth & Soap Swap 2 ~ Parcel Received

15 June 2008
I took part in the second Australian Cloth & Soap Swap (Ravelry group). My pal was Vicki/redgum and she sent me...

a lovely washcloth in a soft green cotton as well as a shampoo bar and a soap bar. Both the soap and the shampoo are gorgeous and are handmade by Vicki!

Many thanks Vicki. All three have been used already and the cloth is the perfect size to be used as a face cloth and the fragrances divine.

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