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28 May 2008
Recently I've been asked to share some tips and tricks for sock knitting. So I thought I'd blog it too and keep adding to the post as I think of them.

Here are some things that I like to do or have found helpful (please keep in mind that each sock knitter is different, this is what works for me).

~ I like to knit cuff -> toe socks

~ I use 4mm needles to cast on. I knit the first round moderately loosely, and the second round at my regular tension

~ I like to use .25mm larger needles for legs, than for the foot (ie 2.5 & 2.25mm with 'fingering'/4ply yarn)

~ I use progressively smaller needles to reduce/eliminate having to decrease as you move down the leg

~ For toe -> cuff socks, I like this cast on, shown to me last year by Ms Yarnivorous

~ I like to use DPNs. My favourites are Clover Bamboo ones, 5"

~ I do use circular needles, occasionally, but only for trying on socks or as 'holders' if I need the needles for something else

~ I love to kitchener/graft toes. This is a fantastic video/tutorial.

~ I knit a pair of socks at the same time (using separate DPNs) ie, leg of one, leg of the other, heel of one, heel of the other etc

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17 May 2008
I recently participated in Favorite Color Swap 3. My pal was Starfish and I last week, I received this wonderful package!

- notecards
- a couple of pens
- a crochet hook
- a bar of Lindt chocolate (YUM!)
- 2 skeins of "Faded Denim" Sugar 'n Cream cotton
- a skein of "Adjacent to Blue" MonkeyToes Sock yarn
- a sock bag, made especially for me by Starfish!

This was a fun swap, and Starfish really ‘nailed’ me. Sock yarn, cotton, colourful pens, note cards and chocolate (yummmm) are some of my favourite things!

Many thanks Starfish! Big thanks too to Nichole for hosting a great swap.

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